Broadcast archives

Broadcast Archives

Infinite Pathways: One Soul~ution
A Revolutionary Discussion on Global Culture and the Future of the World

This event will offer you the latest findings and information that will relate to our successful transition through the current world challenges. Discussions by leading edge pioneers will offer insights, relevant information and practical tools to assist in the intense and special times we live in.

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  Echoes of the Ancestors: Parting the Veil Between the Worlds
Join Diane M. Cooper and Robert Dakota of WorldViewz Global Cultural Exchange and Spirit of Ma’at Ezine, as they dialogue with author and teacher, Drunvalo Melchizedek, Anthropologist and Photographer, Martin Gray, Shaman, Jade Wah’oo Grigori and Ken Page as well as other spiritual teachers, on the potency of this time on the Earth when the veils are the thinnest and the wisdom of those that have passed is available and within reach.

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  Earth Awareness
A Discussion on the Global Effects
of Humans in Crisis

THE CRISIS: The effect on global culture.
THE UNDERSTANDING: The underlying value of disaster (going beyond race, religion and belief).
THE CURE: What can YOU do personally, from your own home, that will effect the planetary situation.
Interviews with Anthropologists, Shamans,
and Futurists.

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  Sacred Geometry: Activating Energetic Awareness
Listen to the archives of the Global Internet Conference with some of the top Sacred Geometry Teachers and Inventors such as Jain Mathemagics, Ronald Quinn, Slim Spurling & Gregory Hoag; with commentary by Andras Nevai, Producer of the Global Sacred Geometry Conference 2004 and Diane M. Cooper of Spirit of Ma’at, WorldViewz & One Heart Productions.
A Discussion on the Alchemical Use of Sacred Geometry in Everyday Life.

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