Experience: (ik sper’ e ens) a particular instance of personally encountering or undergoing something. Knowledge gained from what one has observed, encountered, or undergone”
– websters dictionary

Experience: The accumulation of Knowledge or skill that results
from direct participation in events or activities”.
– cogsci.princeton

Experience is the best Teacher

Life is the Great Experiment” and we are the active Ingredients.
We are the Divine Players of Our Sacred Journey. We have the ability to Create, which means we have the ability to respond to any and all challenges we Encounter.

“We have the ‘Respond-ability’ through creative energies, to Re-create ourselves
and our surroundings.”
– Robert Dakota

World ViewZ would like to invite you to be a Player in a “New Universal Vision for Planetary Culture” A Phenomenon of Cultural Adventure Experiences
Through Global Cultural Exchange.  This live, active, magazine will bring you stories about yourself and other.  Players from around the planet so that we can begin to Re-create together a new version of history ~ “Ourstory”

So join us in the Phenomenon Experience of Sacred Play:

A Celebration of Life through Art, Music, Dance, and Play.


Want To Be A Player?

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