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Below you’ll find some of the common questions and answers to them.
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Subscriptions and Membership

A WorldViewz Membership
entitles you to participate in our Member’s Forum, List Your HomeShare, and gain discounts on products and archives, and future events.

Events subscriptions
We’d love it if you’d join us, but if you prefer – you can purchase products and events without becoming a WorldViewz member.

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Status of WorldViewz member’s area development
We are currently developing a number of unique features which will enhance your experience as a member of WorldViewz.

In the upcoming months we will be adding a Personal Profile page wherein you can tell others about yourself, upload photos and stories about your travels and provide an opportunity (if you like) for others to contact you.

We will also be adding a search engine so that you can find others of like-mind, discussion boards, a marketplace, travel journals and picture galleries as well as links to travel and culturally related websites.

World Viewz Global Cultural Exchange

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Technical assistance:
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