Action: (ak shen) the process or state of acting or being active. Something performed; act or deed: “Actions Speak Louder than Words” A consciously willed Act or Activity, conduct; habitual or usual acts. Energetic activity to effect or influence.”
websters dictionary

Action: the state of Being Active. The trait of Being Active & Energetic. An Opportunity to Act.”

Being Active is one of the most productive endeavors we can do for Ourselves.
If we Consciously decide to Be Active & Energetic about changing Ourselves,
We will learn how to Act better in our conduct, habits, & usual activities.

Re-creation = Action

Through the state of Being Creatively Active we will naturally invent new
Opportunities for Ourselves.

“The Better We Play, The Better it Goes”
Robert Dakota

World ViewZ is Devoted to the Development of Recreational Opportunities.

This page is dedicated to Evolving Ourselves and other Players by Conscious Recreation. If We can Remember to enjoy Ourselves, Our Energy will Influence
Ourselves and other Players.

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