Energy: (en’ er je) the capacity for vigorous activity. The ability to act, lead others, effect or influence.”
websters dictionary

Energy: An Imaginative Lively Style.” The capacity for Acting.

Energy = Inner ~ Ghia

Bodies in Motion = E-motion or Energy in Action

The Energy within all of us is the ultimate factor in Dreaming into Reality
the Existence we choose to Live!

The more we are True to Ourselves by following
Our Passions and Dreams
the more Energy we will have Collectively and Individually!

~Self –Perpetual Motion~
~Free – Energy ~

“When we activate Our Energies through Art, Music, Dance, & Play We will recognize a Childlike Image of Ourselves That will remind us to Act from Our Heart.”

World ViewZ encourages Players to creatively participate in an Adventure to Explore Our Planet and to engage in the Re-Creation of Global Culture.

“Follow Your Bliss”
Joseph Campbell

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