Exploration: (ek’ sple ra’ shen) the act or an instance of exploring or investigating.
The investigation of unknown regions.”
websters dictionary

Exploration: To travel for the purpose of discovery. The process of inventing or creating movement based on ideas, stimuli, or images presented by a teacher or guide.

We are all students, teachers, and guides!
We all have a special role to Play!
We all have something to offer!

When we present our gifts of knowledge and services to one another
We will begin to Really Explore Our World.

I Believe the Exploration of our Planet leads to

World ViewZ is a navigational system designed to assist us in meeting other
Players with knowledge and services that will encourage us and enable us to
Explore Our World! We will introduce you to other Players around the Planet who share a Love of travel and alternative States of Being.

Integrating and honoring diversity We will discover the Final Frontier
together… “Inner Space”

The Exploration Page will be devoted to:

International projects:
Travel with a purpose

Want To Be A Player?

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