World Viewz, LLC Global Cultural Exchange is an organization dedicated to creating connections around the world through:

~ Home Shares
~ Adventure Travel
~ Sacred Jouneys
~Cultural Events. 

In order to stimulate Global Community while exploring
the Final Frontier

“Inner space”!

By connecting creative people we can Be the Change we want to see.  

We can Re-CREATE, Re-NEW and Re-SOURCE the planet we live on by sharing our life and passion with like-minded people. 

All traditions have something to offer…

All cultures have something to offer…

All individuals have something to offer… 

When we offer our best to each other we will discover that the abundance we all so rightfully deserve is right before our eyes! 

If we can join together to create an atmosphere that is delightful and fun, we will find that life is truly an amazing experience and happiness is within our reach. 

World Viewz, LLC is a developing global network designed to bring people together from the four corners of the planet, from all walks of life and all types of traditions.  Our intention is to form a Creative Consciousness made up of individuals desiring a broader understanding of what we have in common.  As we discover and share our passions and interests we will also realize that this is what creates a common bond between people and that we are truly a part of a Global Community that reflects and includes us all in the Divine Play we refer to as Life. 

As we remember how to play… the more we will know about ourselves…

The more we play the more of life we will enjoy…

The more we enjoy life the better our ability to cope with or eliminate daily stress. 

In fact Play becomes the Cure and another of the commonalities between peoples of the earth.  

Cure: (k yoor) latin; cura, old latin; coura

            1. A spiritual charge which results in the elimination of disease, distress, evil, etc; the use of music, natural ingredients/ surroundings etc. to enhance the state of Body and Mind.

            2. A place of atmosphere which gives a feeling of rest and relaxation. 

Joy comes from within and is the most valuable rare commodity we can share. Through the discovery of adventurous experiences there comes an open-ness in which we can be energized with a new passion for life in a spirit of Joy.   

Our Ultimate Destiny

Inner Space!

Want To Be A Player?

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