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Membership in the World Viewz Cultural Exchange Network!
only $44.00 a year!

This is an invitation to join others from around the planet to offer each other our very best efforts to RECREATE. Let’s have Fun getting to know one another and share our common interests.

World Viewz Global Network offers a data base of like-minded individuals interested in creating Global Community. You can participate in any or all of the following ways … plus! the network is yours to utilize. Create your own categories of interest!

List your home-share!

By opening your home and hosting someone from another country, you can earn revenue for yourself by offering accommodations at lower costs than what can be found commercially, while creating savings for others. Take turns hosting one another for an even exchange if you like! Be creative… World Viewz is your medium to let others around the globe know who you are and what you have to offer. What a great opportunity to learn about other cultures and share your own!

List your business!

Tell others about your unique business. Do you take people ice climbing? Mountain biking? Riding Elephants? Whatever the case may be – You can list your business in the World Viewz directory so other adventuresome spirits can find you!

List your interests or talents!

Connect with others around the world who share the same interest! Whether it be swimming with dolphins, experimenting with solar power, climbing mountains, surfing, writing poems or books, or growing medicinal herbs. Whatever your passion, be sure there are others out there who would love to know and connect with you.

Tell us what’s happening in your neck of the woods!

In a short time World Viewz will offer a way for you to share your travel experiences with others. Complete with an opportunity to upload a special photo or two, you can let others know about your travels or unique happenings in your area of the world. Imagine – a network where you can find out What’s Really Going On!

Other Benefits:

Bargaining power
By being part of a larger group we share collective bargaining power with all kinds of travel related industries making the prospect of travel more affordable. As our membership grows we will let you know what arrangements have been made to save you money.


A value recognized by all, re-creation is a common ground from which we can understand one another. Sharing common interests is essential to creating social change. Creativity is heightened through activities of ecstatic play.

World Viewz is a movement with FUN as a common ethic. If we unite out interests with a playful, kind spirit, we will discover that the barriers that seem to separate us are simply an illusion.

are essential. A global network like World Viewz gives the ability to expand our direction in life by having a navigational system to find like-minded people.

World Viewz Global Cultural Exchange has been created for these purposes and more! The sky’s no limit!

We invite you to join in the fun as we become the change we all want to see!

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