Spirit: (spir’ it) the incorporeal part of humanity in general or of an individual,
or an aspect of this such as the Cultural, Intellectual, Religious, or other concerns.
The Divine Influence as an agency working in the Heart of Humanity, The Soul or Heart as the seat of feelings or sympathies. An excellent disposition or attitude in terms of vigor or courage. A vigorous sense of membership in a group.The true or basic meaning or intent of a statement. Attitude, mood, humor, essence, sense, intention, significance.”
websters dictionary

Spirit: The vital principle or animating force within all living things.
The intended meaning of a communication. Animation & Energy in Action or Expression.
A Sacred Etheric part of the self that is not limited by the Physical Body “A Scout for Intention.” The Energy Force that operates the Universe.

By Recreating an attitude or mood with a sense of humor,
By Redirecting Our Intention to subtle essences such as recreation…

instead of
Wreck- Creation

We can change Our World View and develop Alternative states of Being,
while creating new options of enjoyment for
Ourselves & Other Players.

“One Good Turn Deserves Another”
Robert Dakota

World Viewz is committed to connecting with Authentic Individuals and
Organizations from all walks of life, who are inspiring from the Heart,
intentions of Self-Improvement, Self- Reliance, Self- Motivation, and Self-

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